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Fourth Galaxy Reader, The {Anthology}



Science Fiction
Short Stories


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1 1959-00-00 Doubleday  

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Countdown! for a fabulous journey of exploration into the worlds of the imagination and the future, where man is pitted against the new, the unknown, the unpredictable.

Includes "I Am a Nucleus" by Stephen Barr; "Name Your Symptom" by Jim Harmon; "Horror Howce" by Margaret St. Clair; "Man of Distinction" by Michael Sharra"; "The Bomb in the Bathtub" by Thomas N. Scortia; "You Were Right, Joe" by J. T. McIntosh; "What's He Doing in There?" by Fritz Leiber; "The Gentlest Unpeople" by Frederik Pohl; "The Hated" by Paul Flehr; "Kill Me with Kindness" by Richard Wilson; "Or All the Seas with Oysters" by Avram Davidson; "The Gun Without a Bang" by Finn O'Donnevan (aka Robert Sheckley); "Man in a Quandry" by L. J. Stecher, Jr.; "Blank Farm" by Arthur Sellings; "The Minimum Man" by Robert Sheckley.

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