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Summer Stars





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1985-10-01 Dell Candlelight Ecstasy Romance 373  

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Two weeks in the Virginia wilderness. It was no picnic. It was a unique company testing ground. The prize, for engineer Nikki Scott--if she proved equal to the rugged challenges--was the job she wanted: manager of a major bridge-building project. Raised by a part-Indian father, Nikki was in top condition and ready for hard hiking, rough rafting, and even tougher rock climbing. But Daniel Matthews was the one challenge she hadn't counted on. Handsome, arrogantly self-assured, he came on strong, not bothering to mention that he was not a team member, but a company evaluator. Forced to face her deepest fears, had Nikki survived and overcome the elements only to surrender to her own treacherous passions, to compromise her ambitions for the man who now held the key to her career and her heart?

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