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Summer Wine





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1984-07-01 Dell Candlelight Ecstasy Romance 250  

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They'd simply "run into each other" jonying down the beach. Wary, hiding from the media people who pressed for information about her father, the famous filmmaker, Sarah Kiteridge finally convinced herself that Matt Lyons, her dazzlingly handsome neighbor, wasn't one of them.

She'd come to her family's home on Cape Cod to be alone with the shocking facts her parents' deaths had revealed. Had she adored her father only to discover she had never really known him at all? Only the demands of work and the pressures of preparing for the first New York showing of her sculpture made her forget her grief and confusion. Until Matt appeared. Slowly he insinuated himself into her life, broke down her defenses, opened her heart to rapturous passion and a dream that would be shattered by morning when she knew who he was, what he wanted... when he demanded she accept his love and the truth that could set her free.

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