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Reluctant Merger





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1983-12-01 Dell Candlelight Ecstasy Romance 195  

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She would never give in. Her father had meant the Emerson Mills Gazette to be a rural Maryland paper. Award-winning publisher Claire Tanager meant to keep it that way. It would never be part of Spence McCabe s new East Coast chain.

But there was more to it than business. Sitting coolly before her, the picture of unruffled masculine authority, was McCabe himself the man who'd managed to seduce her within hours of their first meeting. It had been an impetuous evening in which shed overthrown the principles of a lifetime, a night she couldn't help but remember, yet struggled to forget. Why had he come? What made him think he could take over her paper, her life? The mere sight of him aroused her shame and outrage, and a longing she was too proud to see.

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