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Edge of the Moon



Werewolves & Shapeshifters




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1 2003-08-01 Berkley  

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His power grows with every sacrifice. Now he has chosen his final victim. And soon, they will meet in a dreamworld of ecstasy and agony--front which there is no escape...

The first person to disappear was an older woman. Then it was a child...then a teenage boy. When Kathryn Reynolds's tenant and friend goes missing, she has no idea that her vanishing could be part of a larger, sinister pattern. But the moment she meets Detective Jack Thornton, time seems to stop--literally. The attraction between them is so strong and undeniable, there's almost something dangerous about it...

Jack Thornton had assumed that this was just a routine missing persons report, but there was nothing routine about his response to Kathryn. He's never reacted so quickly or so strongly to any woman before, and the erotic dreams they share threaten to overwhelm his control. But the more he investigates her friend's disappearance, the more uneasy he feels. For he's starting to sense that he and Kathryn are being manipulated by someone...or something. They seem to be playing cat-and-mouse with an unseen enemy--but what Jack doesn't realize is that a killer is on the hunt, and he will stop at nothing to attain his goal. And that the killer is convinced that Kathryn is the key to his dreams of unholy power...

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