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Deathstalker Destiny



Science Fiction




# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1999-09-01 Roc  

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Hazel d'Ark, ex-clonelegger and ex-pirate, is an official hero of the great rebellion - but she's also been kidnapped. Now it's up to the legendary Owen Deathstalker to venture into the Obeah Systems to find and rescue his companion-in-arms. But there's far more behind the kidnapping than the usual demands for huge amounts of money, for the Blood Runners, Hazel's evil captors, have stolen a part of the Madness Maze and they have devastating plans for its use. Once more, Owen is called upon to fulfill his destiny. And even when all the loose ends are being tied up, as everyone is bidding fair to live happily ever after, the Recreated turn up to threaten the existence of humanity...

And this time Owen's actions will decide the fate of the entire Empire. This is his destiny. Deathstalker destiny. And all humanity waits upon him.

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