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Love's a Stage





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1980-04-01 Dell Candlelight Regency Special 565  

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She was a damsel in distress, rescued by a brash golden-haired stranger she knew only as David. Frances Atherton, a country parson's daughter, had a lot to learn about London's wicked city ways. But nothing, not even David's sinful charms, could sway her from her mission--to trap the Blue Specter, the infamous smuggler for whose crimes her own father was imprisoned.

The Blue Specter was none other than Edward Kennan, England's most famous actor, so Frances became an actress, the better to stalk her dangerous prey. It was a shocking profession for a lady...but more shocking still was the discovery that David--Lord Landry--was the most renowned and scandalous playwright of the day...the one man who could truly help the parson's daughter--if she would only let him have his way!

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