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Moonlight Mist





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1979-03-01 Dell Candlelight Regency Special 263  

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Lovely Lynden Downpatrick raged helplessly, her newfound woman's pride aching. For surely her newly wed husband Justin Melbrooke must believe her an accomplice in the infamous scheme that had made her his wife. Was he not the prize catch of London, this handsome celebrated young poet-Lord? Schoolgirl she might be, but she had heard the stories of the titled ladies who had given more than the hearts to this aristocratic rake. Indeed, they were wed less than a week and already the stunning Lady Silvia, Justin's mistress, was installed at nearby Crant Castle.

Well, she would show him she was no conniving society miss. Trapped into marriage he might have been, but she was resolved, though her heart might break, that he should be free ....

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