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Laura Blackstone


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1 2010-08-01 Ace  

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Meet Laura Blackstone. Now meet her again. Using her druid abilities, she can change her appearance to become whomever she wants--but when she winds up on both sides of a deadly political war, it's time for Laura to decide who she really is.

Relations between the fey and human populations have always been tense, but a new wave of violence has brought them to the breaking point--and neither the D.C. police nor the Fey Guild seems to be doing much about it. As the Fey Guild's public relations director, Laura is instructed to blame the Inverni fairy clan--but as Mariel Tate, secret agent for the International Global Security Agency, it's her job to track down the culprits, whoever they are.

Taking on the persona of Fallon Moor, Laura infilitrates the organization known as Legacy, where the plans for destruction have only just begun. Unraveling a conspiracy of international proportions, Laura must decide where her true loyalties are, before she loses all her lives at once.

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