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Long Masquerade, The





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1981-10-01 Souvenir Press  

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Emma Delaney knows nothing of life's shams. She is without pretext and assumes that a bright future awaits her as the bride of the wealthy Oliver Foy. Too soon she discovers that her life is a masquerade and pretense her only salvation. No one is whom he or she appears to be in Madeleine Brent's colorful adventure of passion and intrigue. Brushing against the concealed identities and hidden motives of others, Emma quickly acquires secrets of her own. When murder compels Emma to flee her husband's Jamaican plantation, she and her faithful friend find sanctuary wandering the Caribbean. Tragedy cuts short their ocean idyll and delivers Emma from her sea roamings. Once again, she adopts another name, another home another appearance.