Detailed view for the Book: Science Fiction of the 40's (Anthology)

Introduction (Science Fiction of the Forties) essay by Frederik Pohl
Stepson of Space (1940) shortstory by Raymond Z. Gallun
Reason [Mike Donovan (Robot)] (1941) shortstory by Isaac Asimov
Magic City [Meg 3] (1941) novelette by Nelson S. Bond
Kazam Collects (1941) shortstory by C. M. Kornbluth
My Name Is Legion (1942) novelette by Lester del Rey
The Wabbler (1942) shortstory by Murray Leinster
The Halfling (1943) novelette by Leigh Brackett
Doorway Into Time (1943) shortstory by C. L. Moore
Deadline (1944) novelette by Cleve Cartmill
City [City] (1944) novelette by Clifford D. Simak
Pi in the Sky (1945) novelette by Fredric Brown
October 2026--The Million-Year Picnic (1946) shortstory by Ray Bradbury
Technical Error (1946) shortstory by Arthur C. Clarke
Memorial (1946) shortstory by Theodore Sturgeon
Letter to Ellen (1947) shortstory by Chan Davis
"It's Great to Be Back!" (1947) shortstory by Robert A. Heinlein
Tiger Ride (1948) shortstory by James Blish and Damon Knight
Don't Look Now (1948) shortstory by Henry Kuttner
That Only a Mother (1948) shortstory by Judith Merril
Venus and the Seven Sexes (1949) novella by William Tenn
"Dear Pen Pal" (1949) shortstory by A. E. van Vogt (aka Letter from the Stars)
Selected Bibliography (Science Fiction of the Forties) essay by uncredited