Detailed view for the Book: Far Horizons (Anthology)

The universe of the mind is a limitless expanse of wonders, filled with worlds and secrets that cannot be fully explored within the pages of a single novel.

Avid readers of science fiction have long appreciated the myriad joys of returning to fictional galaxies already experienced. In FAR HORIZONS, a veritable "Who's Who" of science fiction's most beloved and highly honored writers once again revisit the remarkable worlds they created and made famous. Perhaps the greatest concentration of science fiction talent ever in one volume, this unprecedented masterpiece reopens vast empires of imagination and adventure to new exploration and appreciations. It is a major SF event, sure to bring unparalleled joy to the hearts of serious fans everywhere.


Old Music and the Slave Women by Ursula K. Le Guin
A Separate War by Joe Haldeman
Investment Counselor by Orson Scott Card
Temptation by David Brin
Getting to Know the Dragon by Robert Silverberg
Orphans of the Helix by Dan Simmons
Sleeping Dogs by Nancy Kress
The Boy Who Would Live Forever by Frederik Pohl
A Hunger for the Infinite by Gregory Benford
The Ship That Returned by Anne McCaffrey
The Way of All Ghosts: A Myth from Thistledown by Greg Bear

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