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Blind Archer, The





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1988-02-00 HarperCollins Publishers  

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In a distant time, when Earth was flat and ruled by magic, wizards knew well the perils of sorcery. It was a lesson young Ker Orrum had yet to learn, for he had just discovered the flame of power within him, and he yearned to wield it. When the Oracle spoke of a journey and of a gem, Ker Orrum"s fate was sealed: he would wrest the Great Ruby from the mighty god called the Blind Archer. Many others had tried; none had succeeded. Yet Ker Orrum was determined to fulfill his destiny, ignorant of the awesome forces he was about to unleash. Before it was over, his odyssey would sweep him into a horrifying world of vision without sight, where he would need more than magic to conquer the searing wrath of the Faceless Demons!

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