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Avon Presents: A Christmas Collection (Anthology)





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1992-11-01 Avon  

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The Greatest Gift by Stella Cameron
With Christmas approaching, a kindly nanny and an impish little boy conspire to help a gentle Cornish maid win the heart of a lonely widower.

Falling Stars by Loretta Chase
'Tis the season for forgiveness, as a gallant gentleman renews his acquaintance with the enchanting lady who spurned him ten years before--and rekindles Yuletide fires of love and longing.

Footsteps in the Snow by Joan Hohl
A Christmas Eve miracle transports a sad and beautiful innkeeper two hundred years into the past--to discover the glorious ecstasy of true and timeless love in the arms of a dashing colonial spy.

The Playboy's Mistress by Kim Lawrence
When Darcy was persuaded to host her family's Christmas gathering, she started making detailed lists and mentally prepared herself for a hectic couple of weeks. But her plans were disrupted by a surprise new neighbor -- a playboy tycoon, who seemed to know exactly what he wanted to give Darcy for Christmas!

As far as Reece Erskine was concerned, Christmas couldn't be over soon enough. But he was quite happy to give Darcy a few kisses -- and much, much more -- under the mistletoe. In fact, he insisted on it!

The Scent of Snow by Linda Lael Miller
In America's West, a desperate woman trapped in a web of lies discovers new hope for romance at Christmastime through an act of faith...and the steadfast devotion of a handsome farmer.

A Christmas Romance by Betty Neels
In London, a hospital clerk finds herself attracting the attention of an older physician who's definitely out of her league. She never imagined she'd be the target of A Christmas Romance

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