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Specter is Haunting Texas , A



Science Fiction


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The world belonged to Texas. Well, about half of it did. Crocket 'Scully' La Cruz found out all about Greater Texas when he dropped in from his hom ethat circled the Moon. He'd come to claim his family's mine in Yellowknife, Northwest Territory, Canada--but the spaceship Tsialkovsky left him in Dallas instead of Yellowknife.

Two hundred and fifty years from now, after the nuclear wars and the triumph of Texas over the rest of the U.S.A, the land of Lyndon the First was a nightmarish wonderland of politics by assassination, cyborg slavery, and fascism in action, where hormone enhanced Lords ruled over dwarfish peons.

Scully, an eight foot tall, black and silver garbed exoskeletal lunatic actor, wasn't ready to become the living, terror-inspiring symbol of the new Mexican revolution. Nor was he prepared to fend off a mad scientist who wanted to take him and his exoskeleton apart. And he hadn't expected to find two beautiful revolutionary women fighting for the right to ravage his zero-G thin body. That, though, he could get used to.

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