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Sand, Sun...Seduction! (Anthology)



Short Stories


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2009-07-01 Harlequin  

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Enticed by Stephanie Bond
As if attorney Kimber Karlton's life wasn't stressful enough, she's a day late and a boat short for her own romantic getaway at a secluded island retreat. Enter rugged rogue Finn Meyers: ship's captain, jungle god.

Propositioned by Leslie Kelly
Liz Talbot left her cheating husband and demanding career to tend bar in St. Lucia, and nothing could lure her back. Even handsome millionaire Jack Beaumont and his propositions--business and otherwise--can't tempt her...or can they?

Fevered by Lori Wilde
Investigative journalist Macy Gatwick wants Armando Cutler so badly she can taste it. For a story, of course--a juicy expose about the corporate wunderkind's exile to Costa Rica. But her objectivity and inhibitions dissolve amidst the steam of the jungle.

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