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Three Guys You'll Never Date (Anthyology)



Short Stories


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2006-08-01 Harlequin  

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You Can Leave Your Hard Hat On by Stephanie Bond
Successful architect Samantha Stone finds the tool belt and bulging muscles sexy, but her employee Teague Brownlee digs dirt for a living. If backhoes are his business, then his sweet backside is none of hers!

The Total Package by Jennifer LaBrecque
Software genius Deke Foster wants marketing whiz Abby Carmichael to fix his image so he can bag a wife. He's adorable as is, but career-oriented Abby doesn't want a husband -- especially one with a pocket protector!

Her Hero? by Rhonda Nelson
Her high-school sweetheart, Jackson Harper, was always hot, but not exactly ambitious. So prestigious clothing supplier Carley Deluna's hopes soar when Jackson tells her he's moved up in the world. "I'm a used-car salesman now," he says. Oh.

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