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Body Movers


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1 2007-07-01 Mira  

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Will her killer fashion sense prove fatal?

Okay, so Carlotta Wren's life hasn't turned out as she'd planned. She didn't plan for her parents to skip bail for a white-collar crime and abandon her at eighteen, leaving her to raise her younger brother. She didn't plan on having the silver spoon ripped out of her mouth and having to forgo college to work retail. She didn't plan on her blue-blood fiance, Peter, dumping her like last year's designer bag. And she didn't plan to be single (with no prospects), working at Neiman Marcus ten years later. But she's coping, sort of . . .

Until her lovable unemployed brother Wesley (whose addiction to Texas Hold 'Em has him deep in debt to loan sharks) is arrested for hacking in to courthouse records . . . then gets a job as a body mover, transporting corpses from crime scenes.

Until her former fiance crashes back into her life, looking sexier than ever.

Until her former fiance's wife (a good customer) is found murdered, and Carlotta becomes a suspect.

Until Wesley's intriguing boss draws her into the bizarre world of body moving.

Until Carlotta realizes that she herself has to track down the murderer -- to keep her own well-dressed body from being next on the list!

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