Detailed view for the Book: Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits, The (Anthology)

Divided into three main sections, "The Ancient World", "The Middle Ages" and "Regency and Gaslight", The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits includes:

"The Thief versus Rhampsinitus" by Herodotus - probably the earliest detective story ever written.

"The Locked Tomb Mystery", set in ancient Egypt, by Elizabeth Peters.

A new story by John Maddox Roberts featuring the young Roman detective Decius Metellus.

Robert van Gulik's ingenious "He Came With the Rain", featuring Judge Dee, a real-life character who lived in seventh-century China.

A new story by Peter Tremayne, set in seventh-century Ireland and featuring Sister Fidelma.

Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael story "The Price of Light".

Paul Harding's "The Confession of Brother Athelstan.

A classic locked-room mystery featuring Lillian de la Torre's popular detective Sam Johnson.

A story by Michael Harrison featuring August Dupin, the detective created by Edgar Allan Poe and the inspiration behind Sherlock Holmes.

John Dickson Carr's acclaimed "The Gentleman from Paris".

...and many more!


Introduction: The Chronicles of Crime by Mike Ashley
Foreword by Ellis Peters

Part I: The Ancient World
The Locked Tomb Mystery (1989) by Elizabeth Peters
The Thief versus King Rhampsinitus by Herodotus
Socrates Solves a Murder (1954) by Breni James
Mightier than the Sword (1993) by John Maddox Roberts
The Case of the Empress's Jewels (1950) by Wallace Nichols
The Treasury Thefts (1950) by Wallace Nichols
A Byzantine Mystery (1993) by Mary Reed & Eric Mayer
He Came with the Rain (1967) by Robert van Gulik
The High King's Sword (1993) by Peter Tremayne

Part II: The Middle Ages
The Price of Light (1979) by Ellis Peters
The Confession of Brother Athelstan (1993) by Paul Harding
The Witch's Tale (1993) by Margaret Frazer
Father Hugh and the Deadly Scythe (1990) by Mary Monica Pulver
Leonardo Da Vinci, Detective (1959) by Theodore Mathieson
A Sad and Bloody Hour (1965) by Joe Gores

Part III: Regency and Gaslight
The Christmas Masque (1976) by S.S. Rafferty
Murder Lockd In (1980) by Lillian de la Torre
Captain Nash and the Wroth Inheritance (1975) by Raymond Butler
The Doomdorf Mystery (1914) by Melville Davisson Post
Murder in the Rue Royale (1968) by Michael Harrison
The Gentleman from Paris (1950) by John Dickson Carr
The Golden Nugget Poker Game (1987) by Edward D. Hoch

Part IV: Holmes and Beyond
The Case of the Deptford Horror (1953) by Adrian Conan Doyle
Five Rings in Reno (1976) by R.L. Stevens
Afterword: Old-Time Detection by Arthur Griffiths
Appendix: The Chroniclers of Crime by Mike Ashley

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