Detailed view for the Book: Dangerous Women (Anthology)

Prepare to meet the most seductively female and the most shockingly fatal of femme fatales, brought to you by seventeen of today's finest authors of mystery and suspense fiction. Award-winning editor Otto Penzler presents a collection of short and sizzling masterpieces of kisses and kiss-offs, gams and gats, published for the first time anywhere. Tale after thrilling tale, they'll prove to you just how sexy and not so gentle the "gentler sex" can be.


Improvisation by Ed McBain
Cielo Azul by Michael Connelly
Give Me Your Heart by Joyce Carol Oates
Karma by Walter Mosley
Dear Penthouse Forum (A First Draft) by Laura Lippman
Rendezvous by Nelson DeMille
What She Offered by Thomas H. Cook
Her Lord and Master by Andrew Klavan
Mr. Gray's Folly by John Connolly
A Thousand Miles From Nowhere by Lorenzo Carcaterra
Witness by J.A. Jance
Soft Spot by Ian Rankin
Third Party by Jay McInerney
The Last Kiss by S.J. Rozan
Sneaker Wave by Anne Perry
Louly and Pretty Boy by Elmore Leonard
Born Bad by Jeffrey Deaver