Detailed view for the Book: World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories, The (Anthology)


The Year in Mystery and Crime Fiction: 2000 by Jon L. Breen
A 2000 Yearbook of Mystery and Crime by Edward D. Hoch
World Mystery Report: Great Britain by Maxim Jakubowski
World Mystery Report: Australia by David Honeybone & Lucy Sussex
World Mystery Report: Canada by Edo van Belkom
World Mystery Report: Germany by Thomas Woertche
The 2000 Short Story Edgar Awards by Camille Minichino
The Year 2000 in Mystery Fandom by George A. Easter
Spinning by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Summer People by Brendan DuBois
Afraid of the Dark by Nancy Pickard
For All the Saints by Gillian Linscott
Let's Get Lost [Matt Scudder] by Lawrence Block
Under Suspicion by Clark Howard
Childhood by S.J. Rozan
Art & Craft [John Dortmunder] by Donald E. Westlake
The Allotment by Peter Crowther
Twelve of the Little Buggers by Mat Coward
Missing in Action [Frank Bascombe Special Constable] by Peter Robinson
The Haggard Society by Edward D. Hoch
Scorpion's Kiss by Stuart M. Kaminsky
Noble Causes by Bob Mendes
The Sleeping Detective [Ivan Monk] by Gary Phillips
A Night in the Manchester Store by Stanley Cohen
What Mr. McGregor Saw by Dorothy Cannell
Delta Double-Deal by Noreen Ayres
Three Nil by Mat Coward
The Man in the Civil Suit by Jan Burke
Black and White Memories by Robert J. Randisi
Nothing to Lose by Robert Barnard
Widower's Walk [Hack Bohannon] by Joseph Hansen
Character Flaw [Robbie Stanton] by Christine Matthews
Golden Gate Bridge -- A View from Below by Jurgen Ehlers
Boo by Richard Laymon
Veterans by John Lutz
The Abbey Ghosts by Jan Burke
The Country of the Blind by Doug Allyn
Happiness by Joyce Carol Oates
The Confession by Ian Rankin
The Perfectionist by Peter Lovesey
The Wall Too High [Michael Vlado] by Edward D. Hoch
The Silence by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Big Bite [Nameless private eye] by Bill Pronzini
The Gathering of the Klan [Milan Jacovich] by Les Roberts
When the Black Shadows Die by Clark Howard
Rebirth (Cain and Abel) by Miguel Agusti
Helena and the Babies by Denise Mina
Old Soldiers by Brendan DuBois
The Victim by Ed McBain
The Poet of Pulp: How Ed McBain Made the Precinct House a Respectable Place by Pete Hamill