Detailed view for the Book: World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories, The (Anthology)

In the tradition of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror and The Year's Best Science Fiction, The World's Finest Crime and Mystery Stories, First Annual Edition finally fills the void for those with a hunger for the best mystery and suspense stories of the past year. Including such bestselling authors as Jeffrey Deaver, Elizabeth George, Faye Kellerman, Jonathan Kellerman, Ed McBain, Anne Perry, and Ruth Rendell, plus many, many others, this volume will positively blow the competition away. For, unlike the other various mystery anthologies, The World's Finest Crime and Mystery Stories collects stories from writers around the globe, including Britain's Silver Dagger short-fiction award winners. It will also be almost twice as big, weighing in at more than 200,000 words, and will arrive two months before the competition. This comprehensive anthology promises to be the definitive annual collection of the very best mystery and suspense stories the world over.

This is the first annual collection (for stories written in 1999) and is over 600 pages long.


Heroes by Anne Perry
Rio Grande Gothic by David Morrell
The Hanged Man by Ian Rankin
Spooked by Carolyn G. Hart
Show Me the Bones by Carolyn Wheat
A Flash of Chrysanthemum by J.A. Jance
The Man in the White Hat by Loren D. Estleman
'53 Buick by Gary Phillips
Crack by James W. Hall
Paleta Man by Laurie R. King
Snow by Stuart M. Kaminsky
The Canasta Club by Eleanor Taylor Bland
Unchained Melody by Doug Allyn
Something Simple by Rob Kantner
The Circle of Ink by Edward D. Hoch
The Death Cat of Hester Street by Carol Gorman
Dark Times by Peter Crowther
Those That Trespass by Peter Tremayne
Blitzed by Phil Lovesey
For Services Rendered by Jeffery Deaver
The Tiner Box by Minette Walters
Symptoms of Loss by Jerry Sykes
Taking Care of Frank by Antony Mann
Styx and Bones by Edward Bryant
Not Long Now by Carol Anne Davis
The Shortest Distance by Mat Coward
I Love Everythig About You by Marthayn Pelegrimas and Robert J. Randisi
The Case of the Headless Witness by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
The Mummy Case by Carole Nelson Douglas
Recycle by Marcia Muller
Now What? by Donald E. Westlake
Barking at Butterflies by Ed McBain
The Dark Prince by Joyce Carol Oates
Rappin' Dog by Dick Lochte
Dream Lawyer by Lia Matera
Flood by Bill Pronzini
The Ice Shelf by Clark Howard
In For a Penny by Lawrence Block

Edited by Ed Gorman

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