Detailed view for the Book: Creme de la Crime (Anthology)

Edited by: Janet Hutchings

An ex-con undergoes a mesmerizingly sinister temptation in Lawrence Block's "In for a Penny." In newcomer Phil Lovesey's "Under the Knife," an ex-patient puts his doctor through a terrifying ordeal. A woman and her friends tumble through a challenging rescue during the French Revolution of "The Escape" by Anne Perry. A paranoid rock star leads a tale of unexpected discovery in Melodie Johnson Howe's "Killing the Sixties." Many of the characters portrayed in Creme de la Crime catapult through adventures culminating in stultifying twists. This compendium of mysteries features crime of various moods and high anxiety. Often suspenseful, deliciously haunting, and even delightfully satirical, Cr??me de la Crime offers more than your basic mystery, but if you desire a traditional whodunit, that's here, too, included within a satisfying group of stories of distinguished originality. Incorporating elements of whimsy, turbulence, and enough stomach-churning suspense to satisfy the most hard-boiled, Cr??me de la Crime is documented excellence, chosen and edited by Janet Hutchings, written by winners of the world's top mystery awards.


Introduction by Janet Hutchings
In for a Penny by Lawrence Block
Triangle by Jeffery Deaver
Spooked by Carolyn Hart
Out of Control by Clark Howard
Da Capo by Janet LaPierre
The Serpent's Back [Cullender] by Ian Rankin
Saint Bobby by Doug Allyn
Best Behaviour by Simon Brett
Hoops by S.J. Rozan
The Carer by Ruth Rendell
The Safest Little Town in Texas by Jeremiah Healy
Because It Was There by Peter Lovesey
The Third Manny [Owen Keane] by Terence Faherty
Details by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
One Bag of Coconuts [Jeffrey Rand] by Edward D. Hoch
The Sky-Blue Ball by Joyce Carol Oates
The Wrong Hands by Peter Robinson
Not Enough Monkeys by Benjamin M. Schutz
Big Sister [Underground] by Andrew Vachss
Poppy and the Poisoned Cake [Gordianus the Finder] by Steven Saylor
Rumpole and the Absence of Body [Horace Rumpole] by John Mortimer
Killing the Sixties [Diana Poole] by Melodie Johnson Howe
Trade Wars by Brendan DuBois
Under the Knife by Phil Lovesey
The Escape by Anne Perry
Joyce's Children [Lew Fonesca] by Stuart M. Kaminsky
Of Course You Know that Chocolate Is a Vegetable by Barbara D???Amato

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