Detailed view for the Book: Fresh Blood (Anthology)


Foreword by Mike Ripley
My Mother Was a Bank Robber by Nicholas Blincoe
She Rote [Charlie Resnick] by John Harvey
Uncertainties and Small Surprises by Stella Duffy
A Piece of Cake by Russell James
Blood and Guts, Goodge Street by Maxim Jakubowski
Nowhere to Run by Mark Timlin
Natural Selection by Ian Rankin
Nightmare in the Street by Derek Raymond
No Strings Attached by Joe Canzius
Harry's Down by John B. Spencer
Phreak by Denise Danks
Friday Night by Graeme Gordon
Calling Cards by Mike Ripley
My Cousin's Gratitude by Chaz Brenchley

Edited by: Mike Ripley & Maxim Jakubowski.

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