Detailed view for the Book: 3rd Culprit (Anthology)

Crime in all its devious incarnations is presented in this treat of murderous morsels dished out by old pros and promising newcomers. Artfully crafted and impossible to put down, each story bountifully demonstrates why these authors are la creme de la crime.


# Clewsey's Cliche's Frontispiece: 'Have a care, Constable, it may be a clue' by Clewsey
A Needle for the Devil by Ruth Rendell
The Hampstead Vegetable Heist by Mat Coward
Mr Idd by H.R.F. Keating
The Birdman of Bow Street by Joan Lock
Someone Got to Eddie by Ian Rankin
Too Many Crooks [John Dortmunder] by Donald E. Westlake
The Writing on the Wall by Val McDermid
Social Work by William G. Tapply
Clewsey's Cliches: 'It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important' by Clewsey
Six in the Morning by Maxim Jakubowski
The Hand That Feeds Me [Rover (a dog)] by Michael Z. Lewin
The Butcher of St Pierre by Susan Kelly
The Great Tetsuji by Sara Paretsky
Cryptic Crime Acrostic by Sarah Caudwell & Michael Z. Lewin
The Train by Stephen Murray
Fancy by Bill James
The Crumple Zone by John Malcolm
Good Investments by Celia Dale
Clewsey's Cliches: 'Come, come, Major--did nothing peculiar strike you about the time?' by Clewsey
Chased Delights; Or, The Missing Minutes [Catherine & William Blake] by Keith Heller
The Christmas Present by Bob Lock
Something Happened at the Time by Madelaine Duke
Night Flight by James Melville
Give Us a Clue by Joan Lock
Second Best Man by David Williams
Clewsey's Cliches: 'How did you know the victim was a pawnbroker?' by Clewsey
Trumpets for Max Jericho by Robert Brack; trans. by William Adamson
Cold and Deep by Frances Fyfield
Solution to the Cryptic Crime Acrostic
The Crime Writers' Association by John Malcolm
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