Detailed view for the Book: Realms of the Dragons (Anthology)


"Soulbound", by Paul S. Kemp
"First Flight", by Edward Bolme
"Gorlist's Dragon", by Elaine Cunningham
"The Keeper of Secrets", by Ed Greenwood
"The Topaz Dragon", by Jess Lebow
"Wickless in the Nether", by R. A. Salvatore
"Serpestrillvith", by Richard Baker
"Waylaid", by Thomas M. Reid
"Standard Delving Procedure", by Lisa Smedman
"An Icy Heart", by Voronica Whitney-Robinson
"Penitential Rites", by Keith Francis Strohm
"How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth", by Dave Gross
"Beer with a Fat Dragon", by Don Bassingthwaite
"The Prisoner of Hulburg", by Richard Lee Byers

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