Detailed view for the Book: Realms of Mystery (Anthology)

A murder victim is turned into a zombie, just long enough to cover up the circumstances of his own death . . . .

A silent ghost with a friendly grin greets those about to meet their doom . . . .

The only clue to who's killing a party of adventurers is the letter "H," written in the blood of one of the victims . . . .

All new stories of murder, suspense, and intrigue by Elaine Cunninham, Jeff Grubb, Ed Greenwood, and other favorite Forgotten Realms authors.


"Speaking With The Dead" by Elaine Cunningham
"A Walk In The Snow" by Dave Gross
"The Rose Window" by Monte Cook
"The Club Rules" by James Lowder
"Thieves' Justice" by Mary H. Herbert
"Ekhar Lorrent: Gnome Detective" by Steven "Stan!" Brown
"The Devil And Teritus Wands" by Jeff Grubb
"H" by Richard Lee Byers
"Strange Bedfellows" by Keith Francis Strohm
"Whence The Song Of Steel" by J. Robert King
"An Unusual Suspect" by Brian M. Thomsen
"Darkly, Through A Glass Of Ale" by Peter Archer
"Lynaelle" by Thomas M. Reid
"The Grinning Ghost Of Taverton Hall" by Ed Greenwood

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