Detailed view for the Book: Masters of Fantasy (Anthology)

An anthology of adventures from the authors' most popular fantasy series.

The editors, Bill Fawcett and Brian Thomsen have selected the following stories:

Out of the Deep A Valdemar Story by Mercedes Lackey
Earthborne A Witchworld story by Andre Norton
Mything in Dreamland A Myth Adventures in Dreamland story by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye
Raxce for the Sky A Bifrost story by Micky Zucker Reichert
Shadamehr and the Old Wive's Tale A Shadamehr story by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin
Serenade A Spellsinger story by Alan Dean Foster
Child of Prophecy A War of Light and Shadow story by Janny Wurts
The Afterlife of St Vidicom of Cathode A Warlock story by Christopher Stasheff
The Elf House An Isles story by David Drake
Gifts A World of Paksenarrion story by Elizabeth Moon
The Amorous Broom A John Justin Mallory story by Mike Resnick
Web of Deception A Bahzell story by David Weber

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