Detailed view for the Book: Excalibur (Anthology)

Three highly-respected anthologists have gathered together 25 original stories to capture the myth and magic of Excalibur. Spanning the past, present and future, each story presents a unique, incisive interpretation of that legendary sword.

Edited by Richard Gilliam, Martin H. Greenberg and Edward E. Kramer.


The Question of the Sword by Jane Yolen
The God-Sword by Diana L. Paxson
Lassorio by Eric Lustbader
Controlling the Sword by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Surgeon's Steel by Diana Gabaldon
Prayer of the Knight of the Sword by Nancy Holder
Echoes of the One Sword by T. Winter-Damon
Grass Dancer by Owl Goingback
All We Know of Heaven by Peter Crowther
Passing by Charles de Lint
Nights of the Round Table by Lawrence Schimel
Here There Be Dragons? by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Goldie, Lox, and the Three Excalibearers by Esther M. Friesner
Silver, Stone, and Steel by Judith Tarr
St. Paul's Churchyard, New Year's Day by Richard Lee Byers
The Other Scabbard by Brad Linaweaver
Hope's Edge by Daniel H. Scheltema
The Waking Dream by J.M. Morgan
The Scout, the Slugger and the Stripper by Randy Miller
The Weapon by Ardath Mayhar
The Sword in the Net by Brad Strickland
Once and Future by Terry Tappouni
Once and Future by Mercedes Lackey
Sword Practice by Jody Lynn Nye
Where Bestowed by Susan Dexter
Demon Sword by Bill Fawcett
Troubled Waters by Susan Shwartz
Literary Cubism Saves the Universe by Joe Haldeman
Duty by Gary Gygax
The Epilogue of the Sword by Darrell Schweitzer