Detailed view for the Book: Horse Fantastic (Anthology)

Edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Rosalind M. Greenberg


Introduction: Equus Fantasticus by Jennifer Roberson
Stolen Silver by Mercedes R. Lackey
Love at First Ride by Mickey Zucker Reichert
Dancer's Fire by Josepha Sherman
The Phantom Watch by Charles Ingrid
The Czechoslovakian Pigeon Farmer and the Pony that Wasn't a Paint by Mary Stanton
Riding the Nightmare by Jennifer Roberson
When Lightning Strikes by Lee Barwood
Classical Horses by Judith Tarr
One Ten Three by Barry N. Malzberg
No Room for the Unicorn by Laura Resnick
The Horse Boy by Mary Stanton
The Power of Young Girls by Constance Ash
Malish by Mike Resnick
Wings by Barbara Delaplace
The Most Magical Thing About Rachel by Nancy Springer
Dream's Quarry by Elizabeth N. Moon
Silverdown's Gold by Janny Wurts