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Exodus Quest, The





Daniel Knox


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1 2008-11-00 Harper  

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Fact collides with fiction in Will Adams second pulse-pounding adventure featuring the enigmatic Daniel Knox. On the trail of a Dead Sea Scroll, Daniel Knox finds himself at an excavation just outside Alexandria, where an evangelical Christian archaeologist has just discovered an undeclared Jewish Temple. Knox takes photographs and sends them to his partner Gaille. Moments later Knox's jeep is forced of the road killing his friend and head of the SCA - Omar. Meanwhile in Egypt, Gaille is baby-sitting a television documentary crew. When she receives Dan's pictures she quickly realises that one of them has a link to the Copper Scroll, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls. But more importantly the link is also attached to the one time Pharaoh Akheneaten in Amarana -- the very place the crew are filming. Whilst following up the connections Gaille unwittingly draws the attention of Khaled a tomb robber and army officer. Khaled soon realises that Gaille has what he wants and suddenly she and the television crew are in mortal danger from a greedy and deranged individual.Back in Alexandria Knox is under investigation for the murder of his colleague and then sees a broadcast showing a kidnapped Gaille.

It's obvious only to him that Gaille is trying to send him a coded message but Knox is now imprisoned and Gaille's time is running out. What's worse, a new and even more dangerous foe is about to make its mark!

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