Detailed view for the Book: Year's Best Science Fiction, The: Seventeenth Annual Collection

In science fiction's early days, stories often looked past 1984 to the year 2000 as the far unknowable future. Here now, on the brink of the twenty-first century, the future remains as distant and as unknowable as ever . . . and science fiction stories continue to explore it with delightful results:

Edited by Gardner Dozois.


The Wedding Album [Cathy] by David Marusek
Ten16 to 1 by James Patrick Kelly
Winemaster by Robert Reed
Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds
Dapple: A Hwarhath Historical Romance [Hwarhath] by Eleanor Arnason
People Came from Earth by Stephen Baxter
Green Tea [Orlando Coria] by Richard Wadholm
The Dragon of Pripyat by Karl Schroeder
Written in Blood by Chris Lawson
Hatching the Phoenix [Heechee (Robinette Broadhead)] by Frederik Pohl
Suicide Coast by M. John Harrison
Hunting Mother by Sage Walker
Mount Olympus [Return to Mars] by Ben Bova
Border Guards by Greg Egan
Scherzo with Tyrannosaur by Michael Swanwick
A Hero of the Empire [Roma Eterna] by Robert Silverberg
How We Lost the Moon. A True Story by Frank W. Allen by Paul J. McAuley
Phallicide by Charles Sheffield
Daddy's World by Walter Jon Williams
A Martian Romance [Mars] by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Sky-Green Blues by Tanith Lee
Exchange Rate by Hal Clement
Everywhere by Geoff Ryman
Hothouse Flowers by Mike Resnick
Evermore by Sean Williams
Of Scorned Women and Causal Loops by Robert Grossbach
Son Observe the Time [The Company] by Kage Baker