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Night Of Morningstar, The





Modesty Blaise


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1982-00-00 Souvenir Press  

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Many followers of Modesty Blaise have asked to know more about her early days, when she ran the criminal organisation known as The Network. In The Night of Morningstar, the tenth of her full-length adventures, Peter O'Donnell begins his story with a flashback to the last days of the Network, when Modesty was about to retire, and describes the organisation's final, astonishing operation before it was wound up.
It is this operation that is echoed in the present story, several years later, when Modesty, with her peerless lieutenant Willie Garvin, finds herself drawn into conflict with the mysterious group known as The Watchmen.

What is the purpose behind The Watchmen's seemingly random acts of killing, destruction and atrocity? What is the connection between the attempt to kill Modesty in London and to destroy San Francisco's famous Golden Gate during the rush hour? In seeking to find the answer to this and many other baffling questions, Modesty and Willie face disaster when luck turns against them. On the night of Operation Morningstar, designed to bring chaos upon the Western World, they find themselves prisoners on a drillship off the Ilhas Desertas. How their resourcefulness enables them - imprisoned, sedated and unarmed - to overcome and destroy the trained army of The Watchmen, brings the story to a truly startling conclusion.

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