Detailed view for the Book: Tales of the Witch World (Anthology)


Introduction by Andre Norton
The White Road by Charles de Lint
Heir Apparent by Robert Bloch
Fenneca by Wilanne Schneider Belden
Bloodspell by A. C. Crispin
Cat and the Other by Marylois Dunn
Oath Bound by Pauline Griffin
Of Ancient Swords and Evil Mist by James R. Heidbrink
Nine Words in Winter by Caralyn Inks
Were Hunter by Mercedes Lackey
Neither Rest nor Refuge by Ardath Mayhar
To Rebuild the Eyrie by Sasha Miller
Milk from a Maiden's Breast by Elizabeth Scarborough
Night Hound's Moon by Mary H. Schaub
Isle of Illusion by Carol Severance
Green in High Hallack by Kiel Stuart
The Road of Dreams and Death by Robert E. Vardeman
Of the Shaping of Ulm's Heir by Andre Norton

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