Detailed view for the Book: The Children of Cthulhu (Anthology)

Descend to the depths of primal horror with this chilling collection of original stories drawn from H. P. Lovecraft's shocking, terrifying, and eerily prescient Cthulhu Mythos. In twenty-one dark visions, a host of outstanding contemporary writers tap into our innermost fears, with tales set in a misbegotten new world that could have been spawned only by the master of the macabre himself, H. P. Lovecraft. Inside you'll find:

DETAILS by China Mieville: A curious boy discovers that within the splinters of cracked wood or the tangle of tree branches, the devil is in the details.

VISITATION by James Robert Smith: When Edgar Allan Poe arrives, a callow man finally gets what he always wanted--and what he may eternally despise.

MEET ME ON THE OTHER SIDE by Yvonne Navarro: A couple in love with terror travels beyond their wildest dreams--and into their nightmares.

A FATAL EXCEPTION HAS OCCURRED AT . . . by Alan Dean Foster: Internet terrorism extends far beyond transmitting threats of evil.



Introduction: The Call of Lovecraft by John Pelan and Benjamin Adams
Details by China Mieville
Visitation by James Robert Smith
The Invisible Empire by James Van Pelt
A Victorian Pot Dresser by L. H. Maynard and M.P.N. Sims
The Cabin in the Woods by Richard Laymon
The Stuff of the Stars, Leaking by Tim Lebbon
Sour Places by Mark Chadbourn
Meet Me on the Other Side by Yvonne Navarro
That's the Story of My Life by John Pelan and Benjamin Adams
Long Meg and Her Daughters by Paul Finch
A Fatal Exception Has Occurred At... by Alan Dean Foster
Dark of the Moon by James S. Dorr
Red Clay by Michael Reaves
Principles and Parameters by Meredith L. Patterson
Are You Loathsome Tonight? by Poppy Z. Brite
The Serenade of Starlight by W. H. Pugmire, Esq.
Outside by Steve Rasnic Tem
Nor the Demons Down Under the Sea by Caitlin R. Kiernan
A Spectacle of a Man by Weston Ochse
The Firebrand Symphony by Brian Hodge
Teeth by Matt Cardin

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