Detailed view for the Book: Rivals of Dracula (Anthology)


All Dracula's Children by Dan Simmons
Cardula's Revenge by Jack Ritchie
Cult by Warner Lee
Do Not Hasten to Bid Me Adieu by Norman Partridge
Dracula 1944 by Edward D. Hoch
Dracula on the Rocks by Carole Nelson Douglas
Drink My Blood ("Blood Son") by Richard Matheson
The Lady of the House of Love by Angela Carter
Last Call for the Sons of Shock by David J. Schow
Like a Pilgrim to the Shrine by Brian Hodge
The Lord's Work by F. Paul Wilson
Much at Stake by Kevin J. Anderson
The Name of Fear by Lawrence Watt-Evans
Night Cries by Daniel Ransom
Nunc Dimittis by Tanith Lee
Red Reign by Kim Newman
Viovode by Douglas Borton
The Wind Breathes Cold by P. N. Elrod
The Yougoslaves by Robert Bloch