Detailed view for the Book: David Copperfield's Tales of the Impossible (Anthology)


Snow by David Copperfield
Quicker than the Eye by Ray Bradbury
The Conversion of Tegujai Batir by Jack Kirby
Diamonds Aren't Forever by S.P. Somtow
Just Like Normal People by Kevin J. Anderson
The Singing Tree by Eric Lustbader
The Hand-Puppet by Joyce Carol Oates
[unprintable] by F. Paul Wilson
Switch by Lucy Taylor
The Eighth of December by Dave Smeds
Expert Advice by Larry Bond
Geroldo's Incredible Trick by Raymond E. Feist
Dealing with the Devil by Robert Weinberg
Every Mystery Unexplained by Lisa Mason
Just a Little Bug by P.D. Cacek
In the Teeth of Glory by Dave Wolverton
The Last Vanish by Matthew Costello
Indigo Moon by Janet Berliner

Note: the title of the story by F. Paul Wilson is five characters long, each character consists of three or four letters overprinted on one another.

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