Detailed view for the Book: Infinity Plus (Anthology)

A ground-breaking collection of science fiction stories from the genre's foremost writers.

Infinity Plus: The Anthology assembles stories from some of the leading names in speculative fiction. Personally selected by the authors and collected by the editors behind the highly praised infinity plus website, this diverse anthology contains stories that span the entirety of the science fiction field, from near-future thrillers to cutting edge space opera.

Featuring stories from Stephen Baxter, Mary Gentle, Paul McAuley, Ian McDonald, Michael Moorcock, Adam Roberts, Kim Stanley Robinson, Lucius Shephard, Charles Stross, Michael Swanwick, Jeff VanderMeer and many, many more.

This anthology contains:

Radio Waves by Michael Swanwick
Lovestory by James Patrick Kelly
Tomorrow Town by Kim Newman
The Second Window by Patrick O'Leary
Ghost Dancing with Manco Tupac by Jeff VanderMeer
Home Time by Ian R. MacLeod
A Spy in the Domain of Arnheim by Michael Bishop
Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop by Garry Kilworth
Kitsune by Mary Gentle
Old Soldiers by Kit Reed
God's Foot by Tony Daniel
Jack Neck and the Worrybird by Paul Di Filippo
The Lunatics by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Arcevoalo by Lucius Shephard
Bear Trap by Charles Stross
Behold Now Behemoth by Stephen Baxter
The Rift by Paul McAuley
Cheering for the Rockets by Michael Moorcock
Faithful by Ian McDonald
The Witch's Child by Lisa Goldstein
Emptiness by Brian Stableford
The Genius Freaks by Vonda McIntyre
Untitled 4 by Paul Park
Dark Calvary by Eric Brown
The Old Rugged Cross by Terry Bisson
Swiftly by Adam Roberts