Detailed view for the Book: New Space Opera, The (Anthology)

A collection of stories that highlight Space Opera from the 1990s and 2000s, spanning truly galactic realms and distances as species fight for their survival against each other or the cosmos itself.

The anthology contains the following stories:

Saving Tiamaat by Gwyneth Jones
Verthandi's Ring by Ian McDonald
Hatch by Robert Reed
Winning Peace by Paul McAuley
Glory by Greg Egan
Maelstrom by Kage Baker
Blessed by an Angel by Peter F. Hamilton
Who's Afraid of Wolf 359? by Ken Macleod
The Valley of the Gardens by Tony Daniel
Dividing the Sustain by James Patrick Kelly
Minla's Flowers by Alastair Reynolds
Splinters of Glass by Mary Rosenblum
Remembrance by Stephen Baxter
The Emperor and the Maula by Robett Silverberg
The Worm Turns by Gregory Benford
Send them Flowers by Walter Jon Williams
Art of War by Nancy Kress
Muse of Fire by Dan Simmons
Edited by Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strachan