Detailed view for the Book: Mammoth Book of Science Fiction, The (Anthology)

The best science fiction challenges our imagination, pushing it to expreme limits. In this anthology of stories containing some of the best science fiction produced over the last 50 years, 20 leading authors of the genre ask the question "What if...?" and give their own fascinating versions of the changes that will happen in the centuries to come.

Edited by Mike Ashley.

Ulla, Ulla by Eric Brown
Deathday by Peter F. Hamilton
The Infinite Assassin by Greg Egan
Anachron by Damon Knight
Firewatch by Connie Willis
At the "Me" Shop by Robert Reed
Vinland the Dream by Kim Stanley Robinson
A Ticket to Tranai by Robert Sheckley
The Exit Door Leads In by Philip K. Dick
What Have I Done? by Mark Clifton
Finis by Frank L. Pollock
The Last Days of Earth by George C. Wallis
Approaching Perimelasma by Geoffrey A. Landis
The Pen and the Dark by Colin Kapp
Inanimate Objection by H. Chandler Elliott
The Very Pulse of the Machine by Michael Swanwick
High Eight by Keith Roberts
Shards by Brian W. Aldiss
Except My Life3 by John Morressy
Into Your Tent I'll Creep by Eric Frank Russell
A Death in the House by Clifford D. Simak
Refugium by Stephen Baxter

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