Detailed view for the Book: Good New Stuff, The (Anthology)

Once the mainstay of science fiction, adventure stories fell out of favor during the 1960s and early 1970s. But in recent years, science fiction writers have spun out galaxy-spanning adventures as imaginative and wonderful as any of yesteryear's tales. Renowned editor Gardner Dozois assembles seventeen such escapades here, with stories from today's and tomorrow's finest writers.

These stories brim with the exciting thrills our universe offers us-- alien landscapes, unimagined realms, life unlike any we have known before, and that mysterious realm known as the human soul. The Good New Stuff shows that they really do still write 'em like that!


Goodbye, Robinson Crusoe by John Varley
The Way of Cross and Dragon by George R. R. Martin
Swarm by Bruce Sterling
The Blind Minotaur by Michael Swanwick
The Blabber by Vernor Vinge
The Return of the Kangaroo Rex by Janet Kegan
Prayers on the Wind by Walter Jon Williams
The Missionary's Child by Maureen F. McHugh
Poles Apart by G. David Nordley
Guest of Honor by Robert Reed
Flowering Mandrake by George Turner
Cilia-of-Gold by Stephen Baxter
Gone to Glory by R. Garcia y Robertson
A Dry, Quiet War by Tony Daniel
All Tomorrow's Parties by Paul J. McAuley
Escape Route by Peter F. Hamilton
The Eye of God by Mary Rosenblum

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