Detailed view for the Book: Year's Best Science Fiction, The: Fifteenth Annual Collection

Edited by Gardner Dozois.

Beauty in the Night by Robert Silverberg
Second Skin by Paul J. McAuley
Steamship Soldier on the Information Front by Nancy Kress
Reasons to Be Cheerful by Greg Egan
Moon Six by Stephen Baxter
We Will Drink a Fish Together by Bill Johnson
Escape Route [Night's Dawn] by Peter F. Hamilton
Itsy Bitsy Spider by James Patrick Kelly
A Spy in Europa by Alastair Reynolds
The Undiscovered by William Sanders
Echoes by Alan Brennert
Getting to Know You by David Marusek
Balinese Dancer by Gwyneth Jones
Marrow by Robert Reed
Heart of Whitenesse by Howard Waldrop
The Wisdom of Old Earth by Michael Swanwick
The Pipes of Pan by Brian Stableford
Crossing Chao Meng Fu by G. David Nordley
Yeyuka by Greg Egan
Frost Painting by Carolyn Ives Gilman
Lethe [Dr. Davout] by Walter Jon Williams
Winter Fire by Geoffrey A. Landis
Nevermore by Ian R. MacLeod
Open Veins by Simon Ings
After Kerry by Ian McDonald
The Masque of Agamemnon by Sean Williams & Simon Brown
Gulliver at Home by John Kessel
A Cold, Dry Cradle by Gregory Benford & Elisabeth Malartre