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1 2001-06-00 Golden Gryphon Press  

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New York Times best-selling author and Nebula Award Nominee, Kevin J. Anderson showcases his authorial talent in Dogged Persistence, his first book-length short story collection.

In 1985 Kevin made his first professional salt in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction with "Final Performance," a ghostly tale of the haunting of the globe Theatre, in Shakespearean London, by characters of performances past. This story was chosen for the preliminary ballot of the prestigious Nebula Award, and is included in this collection along with seventeen other hand-picked tales.

The title story, "Dogged Persistence," a gritty tale about the ultimate use of nanotechnology -- achieving immortality! -- formed the genesis of Anderson's internationally best-selling novel, Antibodies.

"Human, Martian -- One, Two Three," a novella about the terraforming of Mars by physically enhanced humans, was later expanded into the highly-acclaimed original novel, Climbing Olympus. And the first ever sequel to a Harlan Ellison story, "Prisoner of War" serves as a follow-on to Ellison's classic Outer Limits teleplay, "Soldier."

This collection also features the best of Kevin's shared writing, including the first ever Dune short story, "A Whisper of Caladan Seas," co-written with Brian Herbert, Frank Herbert's son, and "Drumbeats," a horrific tale set in Africa co-written with drummer Neil Peart of the renowned rock band Rush. Other coauthors include Doug Beason, with whom Kevin has written eight novels, and Rebecca Moesta, coauthor with Kevin of the fourteen-book Young Jedi Knights series.

From hard science fiction ("Reflections in a Magnetic Mirror") to dark historical fantasy ("New Recruits"), the strength of these stories will surprise readers new to Kevin's writing and reward those who are already familiar with his novel-length work.

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