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1 1965-00-00 Souvenir Press  

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Intelligence Chief Tarrant said: "You can take a girl from University or the typing pool; if she's got the right potential you can put her through Intelligence and combat training, and produce a damn good agent. But you won't produce a Modesty Blaise. It took a rare potential and twenty-odd years of hard conditioning to do that."

Modesty Blaise was unique - and uniquely fitted for the task of bringing down the unknowns who planned a fantastic coup to steal diamonds worth ten million pounds which the Government was paying to Shiek Abu-Tahir for a vital oil concession.

But Modesty Blaise and her right arm, Willie Garvin, had dissolved The Network, the international crime organisation which had made both immensely rich. Getting them to work for Tarrant's vaguely-defined Department of the Foreign Office would be a tricky business.

Tarrant found a way to solve that problem, and the battle was on. Soon Paul Hagan was in the ring - Hagan, a first-class agent who until now had known Modesty Blaise only as the woman he could not forget. And soon murder and death were also in the ring.

The unknowns were powerful, with huge resources. There came a time when Tarrant believed that the mission must fail. It was then that Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin put themselves at desperate hazard with 'the live-bait caper'.

The story moves with increasing pace and tension from London to the South of France, across the Mediterranean to Cairo as the unknowns are located. The diamonds are stolen through a fantastically ingenious plan. The excitement rises to a tremendous climax with the final vicious battle, when Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin fight alone against a private army of killers on the tiny monastery-island of Kalithos.

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