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Last Day In Limbo





Modesty Blaise


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1976-00-00 Souvenir Press  

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The men and women of Limbo have no hope of escape or rescue, for to the world outside they are dead, many of them long dead. And they know that when the old and failing Mistress of Limbo herself dies, their death will become a reality, for they will be destroyed.

Of all the slaves in Limbo, only Danny Chavasse nourishes a slender thread of hope, for he knows that evidence of his survival exists Outside, in the form of a rare gift from a rare woman... Modesty Blaise.

And then it turns out that Modesty too has been chosen as a candidate for Limbo.

But it is only after an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap her that she and her incomparable henchman Willie Garvin find themselves alerted to Danny's plight. And so the hunt begins.

It ranges from London to Switzerland, from New York to the jungles of Guatamala, and an ancient Mayan temple where the Mistress of Limbo has commanded a bizarre sacrifice to the Old Gods. Then comes a time when Modesty takes the only sure road to Limbo, the road of the captive, and becomes a slave herself, while Willie Garvin strikes from another direction with a surprising partner - Maude Tiller of British Intelligence.

But Willie and Modesty are together in the hour when the crisis breaks and the battle begins, the seemingly hopeless battle for survival on The Last Day in Limbo.

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