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Baby Love



Crime & Prison


Bev Morriss


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2006-06-00 Creme de la Crime Books  

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BABY LOVE is the third in the Bev Morriss crime series. Taken off a high-profile rape inquiry to lead the hunt for a missing baby, Bev is torn professionally and personally.

Here's a taster from the opening pages to whet your appetite without wrecking the suspense...

As she bent to pack away the vests and place the bear on the floor by the window, she felt a twinge at the base of her spine. It was the extra weight. There was no cause for alarm. She gently massaged the area before applying the same gentle treatment to her swollen stomach. She smiled; it was so nearly her time.

With difficulty, she reached both hands round her back. The straps were quite tricky to unfasten, even though she'd created the harness herself and had carried out the procedure on countless occasions. She was rather pleased with the design. She'd ensured it could expand to accommodate increasingly large amounts of padding. This she now removed, placing it gently under the white satin quilt.

Her head brushed against the mobile, sending it into a gentle spin. She gazed at it mesmerised again by the twinkling raindrops.
This time nothing could go wrong.

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