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Dragon's Claw





Modesty Blaise


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1 1978-00-00  

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A thousand miles from land, alone on a little sloop in the Tasman Sea, Modesty Blaise finds a man on a sinking raft, a man with a strange gap in his memory. When he claims to be Luke Fletcher, the renowned artist who disappeared while swimming in the Mediterranean several weeks before, it becomes clear that Modesty has stumbled upon a bewildering mystery.

Soon this becomes a whole complex of murder mysteries, into which she and her unfailing lieutenant, Willie Garvin, are reluctantly but remorselessly drawn. At first they find themselves struggling against the baffling activities of unknown enemies, and it is only when they are helpless captives that the opposition at last emerges - as the bizarre criminal genius, Beauregard Browne, with his county companion, Clarissa de Courtney-Scott, and their ecclesiastical executioner, the Reverend Uriah Crisp.

This new adventure carries Modesty and Willie from England to the Mediterranean and then to the far side of the world. In it, the resourceful pair are objects of a gang attack in Malta; meet with murder in Chelsea; are forced into a major theft in the heart of London; and at last find themselves in a battle to the death on the island which holds the answer to all the mysteries... Dragon's Claw.

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