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Crime & Prison


Chicago Police


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1 2000-12-00 Forge  

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For Chicago cop Suze Figueroa, home is a sanctuary, a quiet refuge from the crime, corruption, and tragedy she encounters every day on the job. The creaky old Victorian house she shares with her little boy, her invalid sister, and her sister's family seems far removed from the threats and dangers of the mean city streets...or so she believes.

The truth is far more terrifying, for, unknown to Suze, a stranger has moved into the house: an intruder who waits in the attic by day and prowls her home at night, spying on both the unsuspecting adults and the defenseless children. While Suze spends her workday tracking down an elusive serial killer, she has no idea that a much more personal threat lives under her own roof, eating her food, handling her gun, and watching her loved ones...

Strips of yellow tape may keep curious bystanders away from crime scenes, but nothing so simple can protect Suze and her family from the menace that has invaded the privacy--and the safety--of their own home.