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Crime & Prison


Chicago Police


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1 1996-03-00 Forge  

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Blurb:, n., slang. a shortened form of a killer application, a computer program which replaces an old application due to increased power or efficiency.

To Chicago cop Suze Figueroa, cyberspy is not in her job description- until a mysterious accident sends her computer engineer sister into a coma. Did the "accident" have anything to do with the secret database her sister discovered at the mega-corporation where she worked? SJR Computer Systems doesn't want the Figueroa sisters or anyone else alive to ask that question.

Targeted by a network of on-line henchman and ruthless flesh-and-blood assassins, Suze uncovers a plan far more sophisticated and insidious than she could have imagined, and finds herself in a race to stop a computer genius from taking control of the information age.

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