Detailed view for the Book: Cloak and Dagger (Anthology)

Edited by: Bill Pronzini and Martin H. Greenberg


A Curious Experience [from The American Claimant] by Mark Twain
The Story of a Conscience by Ambrose Bierce
Two Fishers by Guy de Maupassant
The Traitor by W. Somerset Maugham
The Diamond of Kali by O. Henry
"Somewhere in France" by Richard Harding Davis
The Phantom Fleet by E. Phillips Oppenheim
The Informer by Joseph Conrad
The Kingsmouth Spy Case ["The Kingsmouth German Spy Case"] by Ernest Bramah
The Pigeon Man by Valentine Williams
The Hairless Mexican by W. Somerset Maugham
A Man's Foes by Pearl S. Buck
The Little Lady from Servia by E. Phillips Oppenheim
A Tall Story by G.K. Chesterton
Strictly Diplomatic by John Dickson Carr
The Army of the Shadows by Eric Ambler
Flight Into Disaster by Erle Stanley Gardner
The Russian Prisoner by Leslie Charteris
The Traitor by Lawrence G. Blochman
Cloak and Digger ["Cloak and Dagger"] by John W. Jakes
Cross-over by Michael Gilber
To Slay an Eagle by Stephen Dentinger
The Little Green Book by Jack Ritchie
S.P.Y. in the Sky by Bruce Cassiday
The Case of XX2 by Julian Symons
The Spy and the Bermuda Cypher by Edward D. Hoch
The Sports Page by Isaac Asimov
Hide-and-Seek--Russian Style by Patricia McGerr
Salamander Four by Peter O'Donnell
Non-Interference by Janwillem van de Wetering
The Monster in the Maze ["The Monster of the Maze"] by Ron Goulart
Best-Sellers Guaranteed by Joe R. Lansdale
Winds of Change by John Lutz
Charlie's Game [revised from "Joe Cutter's Game"] by Brian Garfield

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